Online Social Networking and Social Media is one of the most hot topic in the 21 century, atleast till yet. The need of people to interact with each other is driving this industry ahead. Websites like Facebook and Twitter are ruling this era. We as a consumer can just act as the clients of this social computing. But just with a brief knowledge about how social media interacts and how Android Apps works, we can also contribute atleast a bit to this awesome platform.

Ideas keep coming on how one can use Android SmartPhones to flush the garbage that is ruining our online social lives and making it easier and better. Literally if you want to live this social media era as a developer you will need to ascertain some facts on why people use Android for Social Media or just why people use Social Media.

  1. One of the major reason why social networking is used for is interaction. So the first idea to create a social networking app is to relate itself with interaction. These interaction can either relate to your own social networking portal or anything like HootSuite or TweetDeck that integrates various social networking platforms. The latter is the best option of most of the developers. Try to create apps that can be used by the community to interact with a variety of Social Networking Platforms at one place.
  2. Extending the topic that we discussed above will be to enhance the functionalities of a social networking through apps. You may have seen some apps that actually benefits a user by extending a feature of a social network, for example some apps import contacts from facebook to your Android contact manager. These sort of apps can not exactly be said as social networking apps but they are really useful.

In the end I would like to say that it depends completely on you as per what type of app you want to create. Ideas are no ones monopoly so keep thinking about new ideas and looking for new ways that you can benefit the entire online social and Android community

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