Whenever you like any web page – what do you do with it? My strategy is to bookmark it on any social bookmarking or social networking website for later reference. Doing this helps you in managing all your favorite links across the web. My favorite way of bookmarking is Facebook Like and I hope the case is same on the other side too.

Suppose you searched for some tutorial in Google and found many accurate search results for that topic. You also got some search results that were not exactly what you were demanding but they were almost related to your subject. It is obvious that you are not going to read those articles but they do look interesting to you. So why not just bookmark them for your future reference.

In order to bookmark them you will have to open that web page and then use the bookmarking widget or add on installed in your web browser. But if you can bookmark them, even without opening and directly from Search Results then what is better then it.

With CrossRider Google +Like plugin for IE, Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome, you can very easily integrate Facebook Like widget next to each and every search result that appears in Google. Further Reading: How to do video Chat in Facebook

Please Note: We just came across a post on Lifehacker that states various privacy violations by one of the plugins created on the crossrider platform. Even when we tested the above mentioned plugin on our system, we found it not working properly. We recommend you to test this plugin first before installing.

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