Facebook is a social networking portal that was launched by Mark Zuckerberg during his college days. Today Facebook is the biggest Social Networking Website in the world. It comprises of a lot of features and apps which make the website even better. But have you ever thought about learning about Facebook more than just its social networking utilities?

While browsing Facebook we got to know about a section in the portal that describes almost all necessary and unseen facts about the portal itself. So without wasting time – Lets begin.

About Facebook Founders:

We all know about Mark Zuckerberg and his facebook story from the movie The Social Network. But what about the other co-founders of Facebook. Here you can checkout the official bio-data of Facebook Founders.

About Facebook Executives:

Have you ever thought about knowing the executive team that is running Facebook Successfully? Here you can checkout all the Facebook Executives responsible for bringing out the amazing portal to us.

About Facebook Facts

Can you tell me about the technology that is driving Facebook? Or Do you know from where facebook funding originated? To know the best facts about Facebook you cannot even think about missing this section.

About Facebook Statistics

Want to know more about your favorite social networking website? You can learn about the average number of friends per user, the average number of pages connect to each user and many more unknown statistics by visiting this Facebook Statistics Section.

About Facebook Timeline

Now this is extremely interesting topic for all. Timeline regarding anything has always been a topic of interest for humans. Check out Facebook Timeline

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