ERP is something that is a mandate for all businesses that run today. Without focusing more on what an ERP is and what an ERP can do for your business. Let us focus more on why use a hosted ERP solution like myERP rather that using any in house implementation like SAP or Microsoft Dynamics.

The first factor which pressurizes a business to use a web service solution for ERP management is cost. Lowering business costs is the first and the most important job of all Cost Managers. Basically IT is a sector which if not managed properly can actually damage the entire workflow on an organization.

Suppose you IT structure is really weak. Now because the IT implementation of your organization is not upto mark – the resources in your organization won’t be fully utilized and when I say resources I mean Human Resources. If you give complete power over better IT management consoles to the people working in your organization it is obvious that your organizational work flow will improve.

The cost is really not the only benefit of outsourcing your ERP solution to a hosted web service but benefits like getting cloud storage and high availability also contribute to the fact that Hosted ERP solutions are far better for smaller organizations rather than getting an In House implementation.

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