In our last post we discussed about how to switch to Incognito mode with a simple click but in that tutorial we left something really important. If you have read that article then you must have learned that we told you that you can also switch back to the normal mode from Incognito by clicking the Incognito Icon that appears in the top menu of Google Chrome after installing the Incognito Switcher Extension.

But the problem is that no extension is enabled in Incognito mode by default. So after going to the incognito mode, we were confused – How to get back? So we decided to write an entirely new tutorial on how to allow an extension in Incognito mode.

From the Setting menu of Google Chrome – Click Tools and then click Extensions.

In the Extensions console – Check Allow in Incognito against all the extensions that you want to be enabled in Incognito.

Warning: Although the tutorial defined above is extremely useful but we do not recommend allowing any extension in the Incognito Mode and that is because of the following reasons.

First: Because many extensions use the current website you are viewing as an input for them to work, this behaviour completely violates the concept of private browsing.

Second: People have a tendency to open highly secured websites like the bank accounts or Paypal in incognito mode. So if any extension has a security loop hole – it can prove fatal and you can end up loosing your private information in the hands of hackers.

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