WebMaster Tools from Google is a list of tools that provide information regarding your website or blog in detail as fetched by Google itself. On other hand Google Analytics shows the traffic related information such as number of visitors or location of them. There is a huge difference between the working of both these amazing utilities but they are similar in one respect and that is they both are useful for all type of web masters.

In a latest blog post by Google Analytics a major revision in the way these utilities are accessed is on its way. Google has launched a Pilot Project that integrates both these services into one console. This pilot project is only available for a limited time and the access to it will be granted by request. That means you will have to fill up a form and request Google to grant you access to use this feature.

As I have not used this pilot project, I won’t be able to write more about it. But at least I can discuss the uses of this integration.

  1. The first use will itself be that it will be complete easy for a web master to manage multiple tasks in one place.
  2. A web master can also analyse all the reports at a single place that will of course help in greater control over the analysis of their portals.
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