Google Plus and Blogger, both websites are owned and operated by Google. But when searching on the Internet I hardly found any tutorial that described the integration of both of these wonderful portals. So I decided to write one on my own. In this tutorial we will learn about the integration of and Google Plus.

Because Google is yet to release the API of Google plus, you cannot do much more than just inserting your Google+ profile button and Google +1 widget in your blog. So lets start with the insertion of Google Plus profile button first.

Display Google Plus Profile Button in

First of all you will need to get your Google Plus profile button code in HTML format.  After that you will need to log into your account and then go to the Design section of your blog.

In the design section – In the Page Elements Sub Section – Click Add a Gadget Link in your Blogs Sidebar. Under all gadgets – Select HTML/Javascript

Copy and Paste your Google Plus Profile Button Code in the Content Text Box and Click Save.

Here is how it looks.

Display Google Plus One Bookmarking Widget in

In order to display the +1 bookmarking widget in, Copy the following code and paste it in the Head section of your Template.

<script type="text/javascript" src="">

Then copy the +1 bookmarklet code from this page and then paste it in another HTML/Javascript Gadget. Here is how it will look.

You can also insert this code in your blog HTML Theme Source code itself but for that you will need to have prior knowledge of Web Designing technologies.

Note: The above defined tutorial for inserting +1 widget is only applicable for a single widget per page. If you are insert more than one plus 1 widgets then this tutorial might not work.

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