If you remember in the last tutorial we also talked about empty and filled circles. In this tutorial we will enhance our discussion further and learn 2 ways to add friends to Circles in Google Plus. We recommend that you should read our earlier tutorial on how to create a circle in Google Plus before your proceed with this one.

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The first way we are going to discuss over here is really simple and can be used to add multiple people to a circle easily. First of all you will need is to visit Circles Section of your Google+ Account.

After visiting the circles section – you will see all your circles at the bottom of the screen. In order to add anyone into a Circle just drag him and drop over the specific circle section. Just as shown in the animation below:

The method used above in order to add people to circle is only applicable if you have some contacts in your Google Plus accounts. These contacts can be added to your Google Plus account either by Gmail, Google Contacts, Orkut, Yahoo Mail or Hotmail.

But if don’t have a person in your contacts then either you will need to send him an invitation to his email address (if he is not a member of Google Plus) or if he is already a member of Google Plus then you can simply add him to your circles by visiting his profile page . Lets see how to perform the later one.

Visit the profile of the person whom you want to add to a circle – On the profile page – hover your mouse over Add to Circles Button. You will see a list of all circles in your Google Plus profile – just click the name of the circle in which you want to add that person.

After a person is added to one of your circle, you will start receiving stream updates from him on your Google+ homepage.

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