Today while using Google Plus I got to know about one more impressive feature of the amazing social networking website. Although this feature is not an internal part of Google Plus but still it is as amazing as it can be. Google+ has integrated Picnik into its interface which allows a user to edit his uploaded pictures using the outstanding Picnik Image editing utilities.

Before I brief you about how to add these side effects to your pictures let me first tell you what Picnik is all about. Basically Picnik is a free utility that you can use to edit your Photos online. Although Picnik is also available in Premium version but for basic use, the free version is sufficient.

Now in order to edit Google Plus Images in Picnik image editor – First you will need to Upload a Profile Photo to your Google Plus account. After uploading the photo – you will get an option to edit that photo in Picnik just below it.

On clicking that link – Picnik image editor will be opened up inside Google Plus where you will be able to add side effects to that picture.

Note: Right now we have not found this utility working for Images that are already uploaded into Google+ so if you are able to get the things going for the uploaded images also then do comment below.

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