Google Plus is completely based upon Circles. These Circles are like lists of the people whom you want to follow. As in twitter we follow people in order to learn about their updates, in Google+ we add them to our circles. Adding people to circle not only helps in getting their updates but it also allows a person to share updates with them called Incoming Streams.

In Google Plus there are various ways to create a new circle. Here we will be writing a tutorial on one of the most easiest and preferred way. First you will need to go to the Circles Section of Google Plus by clicking Circles icon in the top menu.

In the Circles Section you can create 2 types of circles:

  1. Empty Circle – A Circle that does not have any members into it.
  2. Filled Circle – A Circle with at least one member.

In order to create an empty circle – just click the section shown below in the image. You will find this icon at the bottom of your screen.

Here is a larger Screenshot:-

But if you want to create a filled circle – first you will need to add people to the section shown above before clicking it. You must add at least one contact into the new circle in you want to make a filled circle. Here is – How to add people to circles in Google+

After clicking that section – Click “Create Circle with [number] person“. If you are creating an empty circle then you will get a link “Create Empty Circle”

Don’t forget to provide a circle name in the description field.

NOTE: Filled Circle and Empty Circles are just our way of describing different types of circles that can exist.

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