In every Social Networking Website – sharing photos with friends and followers is a very common activity. Website which are specifically built for Sharing Images like Picasa, flickr or PhotoBucket have this feature built into there core. Google Plus is no exception, it also has Photo Sharing plus Photo Album creation utility inbuilt into it. Let us discuss how it works.

In order to create your own Photo Album to upload your photos to it – you will first need to log into your Google+ Account. After logging in visit your profile page.

On the Profile Page – click Photos Tab

On the Photos Tab – Click Upload your Photo Button.

After clicking that button a new console will open in front of you – On the top you can see a text box that says Album Name – Type the name of your new Photo Album or you can also click add to existing album link if you want to add the photos to your existing old album.

In the middle of the console – click Select Photos from your Computer – Doing this will open a new windows through which you can select images from your local hard disk drive and upload them to Google Plus.

After uploading the photo – you also get a chance to delete these photos right from the console through which you uploaded them. You will see a trash can sitting next to your uploaded image – clicking which will delete that image from Google+ server.

You can also rotate your photos by click the rotate icons next to your image.

If you want to add Caption to your Image – just click the Add Caption link below your image and type the desired caption.

After performing all the above defined tasks – Click Create Album button.

Now your photo Album has been created successfully- In the next window you get an option to share your Photo Album with your Circles. But before we do that we will give a title to your Photo Album by Typing the title at the top of Photo Album Sharing Screen.

At the bottom – click the link “Add Circles or people to share with” and select specific circles with which you want to share your photo album and click Share Button. If you want want to share your Photo Album with everyone, select Public Circle.

Here is a screenshot of my new photo album in Google Plus:

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