Google+ gives you one more terrific feature and that is to hide your profile from others when search in Google. As you know that your profile in Google Plus is completely visible to everyone. Although you can make privacy configuration such that your profile remains almost hidden from other people. The point what we want to make in this article is how to hide your profile not from everybody but from those searching for you in the Google Plus Profile Search engine.

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Before going for the tutorial, let us discuss this topic clearly. As you know that you can search for people in Google Plus using the default profile search box available on the top of your profile.

Now if you want to hide your Google+ profile from people who are searching for you using the search box then follow the below defined steps.

Log into your Google Plus Account – From the Top menu – Click Profile Icon

Then click About from the sub menu

In your About Section Click Edit Profile button

Go to the bottom and click the area stating: Search Visibility: Visible in Search

Now uncheck “Help others find my profile in search results” option and click Save

This is it – You have successfully hidden your profile in the Google Plus Search. Further Reading: How to hide Google Plus Circles

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