Have you noticed that the stream updates display on the home page in Google Plus is a bit more wide and takes more space than what it takes on Facebook? The font size is also a bit bigger which actually consumes more screen space as it does on Facebook. Recently I got to know about a Google Chrome extension with the use of which you are able to solve the problem of scrolling down at the bottom of Google+ homepage to see your recent updates.

G+me extension of Google Chrome allows you to perform the task defined above. On install this extension will let you choose among 2 different modes. By default Expanded mode will be selected or you can also select List mode manually.

In the Expanded mode you are given a choice to minimize an update manually and in the list mode all the updates are minimized automatically.

If you have enabled Expanded mode then you will have to click a bar which appears automatically above each and every update.

Irrespective of the mode you are using, you can also contract and expand comments on individual posts manually by clicking a side bar that appears on the left side of comments. Note that you will need to update Google Chrome to version 12.0 in order to use this extension. Download G+me from the Google Chrome Store.

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