Google Plus is one of the hottest topic today on Internet. Everyone wants a Google+ account. When any web service is free to use and have a lot of features in it then why not anyone is going to get excited about it. The only problem is that Google Plus is not an open community till yet, it is still working on Invitations.

Google Plus Invitation

Here in this tutorial we will discuss about various ways through which you can send invitations to your friends or contacts through Google Plus. As we have already written a lot of tutorials on Google Plus invitations, you can think this tutorial as a collective resource for all of them. Lets begin with the tutorial.

Invite Hotmail Contacts to Google Plus

Hotmail as you know is one of the best Email service. If you are a MSN Live messenger user then you must be having many contacts in your Hotmail account. With Google Plus you get the complete freedom to invite all these contacts to your Google+ account. There is no need to use any third party or an intermediary web service to add all your Hotmail contacts to Google Plus. Here is a reference on inviting Hotmail Contacts to Google+

Invite Yahoo Mail Contacts to Google Plus

Yahoo is again one of the most used email services on Internet. A Yahoo account do not only gives you the access to Yahoo Mail but also to a variety of other social networking and social bookmarking portals which are powered by Yahoo. Thus it is a possibility that you may have a lot of contacts in your Yahoo account. Here is a reference on how to send invitations to Yahoo Contacts for Google Plus using its in built invitation sending utility.

Invite Facebook Friends to Google Plus

Now we know that this is going to sound very interesting to you. Facebook and Google plus integration is another hot topic on Internet. We really don’t know how Google Plus is taking juice out of Facebook but yes it is. Google+ do not has any direct facebook contact calling ability into it but here is a complete guide on sending invitations to facebook friends by using an intermediary web service.

Invite Linkedin Connections to Google Plus

If you are a working professional and are really serious about your professional image online then it is very much possible that you not only have a Linkedin account but you have a Linkedin account with many connections. Again Google+ do not offer any built in utility to add Linkedin Connections to your Google Plus account but here is a work around. Here is a complete reference on using an intermediary web service to import Linkedin connections to Google Plus.

Invite People using Email Address

Now this is the last but more commonly used Google+ invite method. It is possible that you do not have a contact in any of the above defined web service so how are you going to send an invite to anyone who is till yet complete alien to you except all you have is just his email address. Google+ has a feature to troubleshoot this problem. Learn how to send an invite to someone by using email address.

Note: There are various other web service like Orkut, Gmail and Google Talk which do not need any formality to get integrated with Google Plus because they are already a part of Google, you will find there contacts into your Google Plus account and all you will need to do is to just send them an invitation.

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