When Google Plus is run upon Google Chrome web browser, you won’t believe me – how many new services and features are added to the portal. While learning about Google Plus yesterday, I got to know about a Chrome Extension that helps in importing Facebook Photos to your Google+ account. Let’s take a look at how this extension works.

As you might know that Google Plus works in deep collaboration with Picasa Web Albums, all your Google+ photos are actually stored in Picasa. Importing picture either to Google Plus or to Picasa, both mean the same thing. So before you start with this tutorial – make sure you are logged into your Picasa web albums.

First of all you will need to download and install – Move your Photos Extension in Google Chrome. After installing this extension – Just click its icon from the Top Menu of Chrome.

After that icon is clicked – you are asked to login via your facebook account.

After logging into Facebook, you will have to give access to Move your Photos app to access your Facebook Profile.

Immediately you will notice that this extension has fetched all your Facebook Photos – Now select the photo you want to import in Google Plus and Click Upload button

This is it – Now open your Google Plus or Picasa account and you will see your Facebook photos landed over there.

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