Google Plus is filled with plenty of features and one of them is to allow people to upload video to it. As in the case of facebook, Google+ too makes this task pretty handy for all its users. Here in this tutorial we will learn how to perform video uploading to Google+.

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First of all log into your Google Plus account. After logging in on your home page – in the Stream Text box – click the Video icon.

From the drop-down menu that appears after clicking Video icon – Click Upload Video

In the Video Upload Console – click Select Videos from your Computer Button.

Now browse and Select the video that you want to upload to Google Plus and click Open.

Here is a screenshot of Google Plus uploading your video.

After Uploading video – Google Plus will Process it before you can watch it online exactly like YouTube video processing. Below is a screenshot of a video after processing.

Now click Add video link in the Video Uploading console and you will see that your video will appear in the Stream Text box. You can share your video with your friends by clicking the Share button of the Text Box.

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