Google Plus is one of the most featurific social networking portal today, this is a fact. Now what if you are also able to read emails inside from your Gmail Inbox in Google Plus itself. In this tutorial we will discuss about something that will let you read or view at least the subject of your emails directly inside the interface of Google Plus.

Native Gmail for Google Plus is a Chrome extension that helps you out in performing the above defined task. After installing this extension into your Google Chrome web browser, you will see a new icon on the top of your Google Plus Interface.

Clicking that Icon will fetch all the latest emails from your Gmail Inbox and will display them to you in a list format. Clicking any email in the list, will open that email in Gmail in a new Tab.

You can also set the Refresh Interval of this extension using its options which will let you configure the interval after which Gmail will be queried again for new emails.A Desktop notifications feature for any new email is also inbuilt into the extension which will alert you about any new email that you receive.

Download Native Gmail for Google Plus from Chrome Store.

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