What Private Browsing is for Mozilla FireFox, Incognito is for Google Chrome! Private Browsing is a feature inbuilt in almost all web browsers today which helps a user in browsing the web privately. That means – any cookies or temporary files are not stored in your computers hard disk drive when using the private browsing mode.

Google Chrome terms private browsing as Incognito Mode. In this mode your private information is never stored on your computer. Although this feature is perfect but who does not wants more? When you want to view any website in the incognito mode then you have to open a new incognito window and then open the website in it. But what if you want to just switch over your current running window (all tabs) or tab to incognito mode immediately. Now this cannot be done in the current configuration of Google Chrome.

Incognito Switcher is a Google Chrome extension that helps you in this task. After installing this extension – In order to change your current mode to Incognito – just click the Incognito icon once for tab and twice for the window (multiple tabs). To go back to the previous mode – you will have to repeat the step defined above.

You can also switch back and forth to Incognito mode by pressing Control + i for a single tab and Control + Alt + i for the complete window. Note that you will have to enable keyboard shortcut first in the Extension Options before using them.

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