This post will interest those who play a lot of games online. Have you ever been in a situation where your computer slowed down tremendously while you play a game online in firefox web browser. Many people face this problem. They think that it might be a case of slow system resources like RAM or CPU. But to bring to your notice I want to tell that the way your firefox browser behaves while you play online games is also an important factor. Believe me or not but firefox if configured wrong, can ruin your gaming experience completely.

When firefox is running on a computer with a graphic card installed, it checks whether Hardware Acceleration is enabled or not.  If Hardware Acceleration is enabled in firefox, it will use your graphic card when processing the game and if hardware acceleration is disabled, firefox will use the CPU of your system.  Lets see how to enable or disable hardware acceleration in firefox

  1. Open firefox –> Go to tools –> click “Options”
  2. Click “Advanced” Tab –> Go to “General” SubTab
  3. Check “Use hardware acceleration when available” to enable it.

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