@facebook.com – are you dying to get an email ID of facebook.com? Even I am also trying to get one. While searching, I just found a way of how you can create an Email ID on facebook. It is pretty simple, but you will need luck.

As with all new services that are launched on internet, Facebook mail or Social Inbox service was also launched with the same strategy and that is to invite people only by invitation. Although this looks a bit odd for a big website like facebook but that suspense or thrill or those butterflies in the stomach, that whether we will be able to get the invite or not looks pretty cool.

To get an invite for the @facebook.com email ID service, you need to visit here and click Request an invitation link. You must have an existing user account at facebook to apply for the invite.

I just applied for it and don’t know when the invite is going to arrive, but whenever I will receive the invitation, I will notify my blog reader.

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