Firefox is a web browser that support frames. Not only firefox, almost every web browser on the planet support frames today. HTML frames are used to display multiple HTML documents in a single window. You can, if you want, disable frames support in firefox. Well their is no known reason to do it but you can do it for testing purpose. Suppose you want to check the noframe tag in your coding, you will need to switch off frame support in firefox.

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox
  2. In the Address bar –> Type “about:config” and press enter
  3. Press “I’ll be careful, I promise” button and press enter
  4. In the filter box type “browser.frames.Enabled”
  5. You will see a configuration in the display window below, with a value of “TRUE”
  6. Double click to convert it to “FALSE”

You have successfully disabled frames in firefox, in order to enable them, do the reverse.

The configuration defined above is hard coded into Firefox and remains in it even after a reboot. We recommend that you should not disable frames while browsing Internet because many websites and social networking widgets are displayed in a Frame. By disabling this feature you won’t get a complete website browsing experience.

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