Securing HTML source code is a topic that is asked to me by many of my web developer friends. Today in this post I will be removing the curtains from this little secret and I think many of you will be disheartened to listen that HTML source code can only be encrypted or protected via HTML itself.

Lets focus on this a bit more. HTML as a language is a simple markup language that can only be understood by Web Browsers. Now if we encrypt HTML via any means, the last thing we need is that the web document must be in a readable format. Because the document must be in a readable format and you also want to encrypt it,  I am confused. How come an encrypted web document may be interpreted by a web browser and still display it in a way that it remains in readable format. The only possible solution for this problem, could be an encryption algorithm that is also built in all web browsers.

Have you ever heard of any sort of encryption algorithm inbuilt in all web browsers. My knowledge says NO, but the concept says YES. The concept is absolutely correct, we need an algorithm that can encrypt HTML source code in all web browsers. Now let me tell you how exactly it is done.

The things you require are as follows:-

  1. HTML Source Code
  2. Knowledge of Javascript
  3. Web Browser

I hope that now you may have got the answer. The source code of HTML must be encrypted by using any encryption function of JavaScript. Because a web browser understands javascript, efforts must be done to display the entire source code as java script code.

Now you may be thinking that encrypting the entire web page into Javascript format may take a lot of time and resources. To ease your efforts I want to focus your attention on some softwares that will do this task for you.

  1. HMTL Encrypter by :- This is a free online service that encrypts your source code online. When you will visit this site, you will see a HTML Text box, where you can copy and paste your HTML source code and click Encrypt. Doing this will automatically convert HTML into a Javascript code. Visit HTML Encrypter by iwebtool
  2. Source Code Encrypter by Dynamic Drive:- This is again a free online utility that converts HTML source code into Javascript. As with this utility is also free to use. Visit Source Code Encrypter by Dynamic Drive
  3. HTML Protector from This is an offline software and not free to use. It has many features inbuilt into it. According to me, this software is more effective than the above two’s. It not only encrypts the entire HTML source code into Javascript but it also disables right click, so no one is then able to view your Javascript Code too. Visit HTML Protector

encrypt html source code

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