I don’t know why the Tabbed browsing functionality was not inbuilt into Internet Explorer during its initial versions. Tabbed browsing actually enhances the complete way of how people browse the Internet. After this feature has been embedded into IE, still I find it very distant from its neighbours like Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome. For example reopening closed tabs is still something that people are confused how to do so. I think in upcoming versions of IE – this issue will be sorted up.

In this tutorial I would like to teach you about how to reopen the recently closed tabs in Internet Explorer 8.

The process is absolutely next to null, because you don’t have to do anything more than just clicking a link in the web browser window :- Open a new tab and in the “New tab” window just click the link of your previously closed tab in the “Reopen Closed tabs” section.

And that is it – wasn’t it really simple.

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