Here in this post I will tell about some tricks through which you can verify whether a website is genuine or a scam.

1. Search for Reviews on Google

First thing that you should do before making payments or before signing up onto a new website, is to check whether their are some existing reviews about the website or not. Doing a google search for such a thing is the best option. After searching in google you will definitely get some reviews about that website, if the website is live for past some time. And if the website is new still you will find some information about that website in google.

2. Check the Alexa Rank

Alexa is a web information website which provides the information about a websites popularity in term of traffic. Alexa provide all its details on the basis of the web browsing activities performed by people who have the alexa toolbar installed in their web browser. Suppose you are about to make a payment to a website – that says it receives a million hits everyday. You can judge whether the claim is right or wrong by viewing the traffic stats of that website in Alexa.

3. Is the website secured with HTTPS

Websites that have the HTTPS URL can be termed as more genuine and authentic websites than others. Actually a website receives a HTTPS url after installing a digital certificate on its web server. And in order to get a digital certificate the web master will have to authenticate himself to the SSL authority by telling them about his personal information. If any one is running a scam, he won’t get any digital certificate from an authorized SSL registrar.

4. Contact Information

This option is undoubtedly used by a lot of people in order to check whether a website is genuine or scam. If someone is running a scam, he won’t provide his telephone number or address on the website. Although exceptions can be their, but you will definitely find some sort of contact information on a genuine website.

5. Facebook Fan page and Twitter Followers

This is again a good strategy to judge the genuineness of a website. If a website is genuine – it is obvious that it will be having a lot of Facebook fan page followers and twitter followers. But for new websites this strategy doesn’t works. For them you can use the other methods defined on this page.

6. Ask in forums

This is definitely the last option left to you to verify a scam or fraud. There are thousands of valuable forums running on the Internet. You must ask a question in these forums about that website. If lucky, you will definitely get an answers, reading which you can judge whether the company behind the website is genuine or fake.

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