Many people who are reading this post will be shocked to know that till now there was no Flash Cookie Deletion Feature in Internet Explorer. In a blog post by Andy Zeigler (Program Manager, Internet Explorer) he said that with the latest update to Adobe Flash, now the feature to delete flash cookies will also be included in Internet Explorer 8 onwards.

Let me first explain what exactly I am talking about. As you know that cookies are nothing else then simple text files that contain information regarding a session between your computer and the web server. All the passwords or user names that you use to login to websites reside in the cookies. So without any doubts “Cookies” are the most wanted files of hackers. And in Internet Explorer till yet – these files were unprotected.

As with other major web browsers, when anyone used to delete cookies – all the flash cookies were also deleted, but that was not the case with Internet Explorer. Now all the users who are using Internet Explorer 8 with Flash Player version 10.3 Release Candidate will also get the access to this feature.

For users to try this feature out, Microsoft has built a Test Page that can be used to check whether Flash Cookie Deletion feature of IE is working correctly or not. All you need in order to test this feature – is to just visit this Test Page in Internet Explorer 8 – write something in the Text Box – and click Save. This will automatically create a cookie in your web browser based on the text that you wrote.

If Internet Explorer displays the text on the screen, that means the cookie is active. Now proceed and delete the cookies from your web browser and check whether the text written on the Test Page exists or not. If not, congrats you have successfully deleted a flash cookie in your IE 8 web browser.

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