Mozilla FireFox crashing frequently is a problem from  past. With all the super improvements to firefox you will hardly see firefox crashing. The most common reasons of firefox getting crashed is because of corrupted addons. But whatever may be the case, a web browser can crash anytime, without any prior notice. One feature of firefox is that it automatically submits crash error reports to Mozilla, without informing the user. Although this is a very useful feature of firefox, because it allows developers at mozilla in creating better versions in the future. But people, due to privacy issues don’t like to submit any report from their computer to anywhere on the web.

To stop firefox from automatically submitting crash reports, follow these steps:-

  1. Open firefox –> Go to tools –> click “Options”
  2. Click “Advanced” Tab –> Go to “General” SubTab
  3. Uncheck “Submit Crash Report” to disable automatic report submission feature.

firefox crash

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