Sometimes when working in your office or at clients place you will notice that you are unable to manage addons in IE. Neither you are able to enable them nor your are able to disable them. Even you are also unable to install new addons. Lets see what this entire problem is all about.

Basically IE ships with a feature that allows you to enhance the functionalities of it. These enhanced functionalities are termed as add-ons. Basically add ons is a feature that is adopted by Microsoft from Mozilla FireFox. This feature is also available in Google Chrome web browser. Some people terms these addons as plugins and some term them as extensions but all of these mean the same.

Back on our troubleshooting: In order to get complete access over managing the addons of Internet Explorer,  only if you are unable to do so, you will need the access the system as administrator, because only an admin can grant other users the right to manage add-ons.

Log into your system as admin and open Group Policies by running GPEDIT.MSC command in the Run dialogue box of Windows Start Menu. In the left pane of GPO navigate to the section defined in the screenshot below.

In the right pane you will find a setting that says “Do not allow users to enable or disable add-ons” – Double click to open this setting and “Disable” it.

Now login back into the computer with your own user account and now you will find that management of add-ons is fully functional.

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