Have you ever thought of monitoring your social bookmarking stats? Of course why not, don’t you check the number of tweets that your blog post gets everyday. But do you know about any service through which you are able to monitor all the social bookmarking statistics in Real Time. If not then this post is for you.

AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget Provider has recently introduced a new monitoring feature in their Backend Analytics through which they provide the statistics of your social sharing and bookmarking in real time called AddThis Live View.This feature is only available to those who have a AddThis account. This feature is of course going to be really beneficial from the point of view of all web masters and bloggers. The main benefit of using a service like this will be to analyse the effect of your social media campaign and take decisions quickly and effectively.

Suppose you are a blogger who writes about Social Media. You have written a complete series on an important social media strategy. You are just waiting for the correct time to publish this series on your blog. You want to release that series only when your blog is getting a lot of traffic from social media websites. Here in this scenario, real time online social bookmarking and sharing statistics come to your rescue.

I doubt the usage of such a feature to become an industry standard in the future. People like me are really excited to use this sort of service but I know that many of you may be thinking of it as a waste. But still I really like this service and think that if it is integrated with alerts and notifications, it can really enhance the way we create strategies for social media today.

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