Lets start the discussion by learning about what are macros? If you are an active user of Microsoft Office Excel then you must be familiar with using macros. Macros are nothing else then a script that contains a simple code that performs a task repeatedly.

Suppose you want to calculate sum of a column in excel, then simply you are going to use a mathematical formula that does this for you. But if you want to perform this task repeatedly then using a formula again and again will consume a lot of time. This is where a macro is useful. It will record what you do while recording and will  replay that recorded task again when you will play the macro.

Recording and playing does not means that you are dealing with videos. Macros are termed like these so that users of all sorts, understand the use of macros easily.

Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox does not contain any macro utility by default. iMacros is a software that will help you in embedding the Macros functionality in these web browsers.

Suppose you are using Internet Explorer and you want to auto fill web forms. What you can do is that you can create or record a macro when filling your first form. Now all the future forms will be auto fill when you will play the macro again. This can also be done in Mozilla Firefox.

Autofill HTML forms is not the only feature of IMacros it also has other features like auto web browsing, auto download and save files, print web pages, auto uploads and much more. This software is also available for Google Chrome.

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