You can find alarm clocks easily in your market. These alarm clocks will come in different varieties, shapes and sizes. They won’t cost you much to wake you up with an alarm every morning, but why to spend any money on them, when you can convert your Computer into an alarm clock and get daily wake up calls from it.

If you want to get a wake up call from your windows PC all you need is a free software which will allow you to set up custom alarms from your windows PC.

–> Download PC Alarm clock

Ever felt that your PC needs to be converted into an alarm clock so that you get wake up calls from your PC directly? Although this can also be done using hyper terminal but that is a more advance procedure for technical users. View tutorial – how you can schedule wake up call from PC using Hyper Terminal

With this tool you get 8 different types of built in alarm sounds that you can either schedule to ring each at a different day or anyway you like. By default these alarms are built in such that 7 alarms for 7 days and a custom alarm for any other time you want.

You also get the liberty to add any custom tunes or music files like .wav to the alarm library.

This Alarm Clock software is free and can be installed on Window 95/98/ME/2000/XP. This is the best and the worst part of this alarm clock software – the best part is that it can be installed on almost all the legacy versions of windows and the worst part is that it don’t work in the latest version like Windows Vista or Windows 7. So by chance if you decides to upgrade your PC, you won’t wake up the same way as you use to do before.

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