When Twitter changed to the new interface, many old features were disabled and many new features were introduced. Although the new interface of Twitter looks very much productive but for people who have been using the old interface for a while, the new one looks a bit odd. If you have seen both the twitter interfaces, then you might know that in new interface there is no via link at the bottom of each tweet.

Basically the via link below every tweet used to show the source from where the tweet was send. Like if you updated Tweet using TweetDeck it used to show TweetDeck as the source and if you used Twitter website to update your status then Web was to be the displayed text. So this used to be a really interesting feature with the use of which anyone was able to learn the source software or device, which was responsible to send the tweet.

Twitter has modified the display of this feature in their new interface. I recently got to know about 2 tweaks with the use of which you can see these tweet sources.

#First: In the Twitter console itself

When you will click the tweet itself –  the via source of a tweet is displayed in the new console that opens up at the right side of your screen.

#Second: TweetFilter

TweetFilter is a script that enhances your overall twitter experience and also displays the Tweet Source inside the Twitter console itself.

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