In this tutorial I will tell you how you can configure Group Policies to Launch a Program or Application automatically with a user logon. This Configuration will be done via Group Policies. You can configure this setting for a single user using Local Group Policies and for many users by using Domain Group Policies in Active Directory.

1. If you are configuring this setting locally – Open GPEDIT.MSC from the run Dialogue Box or if you are configuring this setting globally – Open the Domain Group Policies from DSA.MSC.

2. Now in the Left pane reach the location given in the screenshot below:

3. In the right pane open “Run these programs at user logon” option and Select “ENABLED” and click the “SHOW” button

4. Now Click “ADD” and in the “Add Item” Dialogue box type the command of the program that you want to start at logon and click OK thrice

For the purpose of this tutorial I have used NOTEPAD.EXE but you should launch a program that is somewhat useful.

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