How many times you have faced with problem? If you ask me, my answer would be almost daily. System administrators face this windows related error almost every day because it is so common. Any time your router is down or is not connected to the network or the default gateway of the router is not functioning properly – you will face an error called “Destination Net Unreachable”. Specifically this is not a windows error but it is related to ICMP protocol, but it needs the troubleshooting to be done via the operating system that you are using – either Windows or Linux. This trouble is seen whenever you try to ping an IP address and more details can be found below:-

Destination net unreachable is an ICMP error message that is received by a computer when it tries to ping another remote host that is not on its network. The following troubleshooting steps can help you out-

  1. Try to ping (local adapter) and see whether the reply is coming or not.
  2. Try to ping to your router (Internet Gateway)
  3. Check your network cables
  4. See that the default gateway is listed correctly in Network adapter properties
  5. Check your PC routing table and see the default route exists or not.

More information on Destination net unreachable

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