Remote Desktop is a utility provided by Microsoft for Windows Operating Systems. Remote Desktop is used to access desktop of a Computer remotely. This tool is the most used tools of System Administrators who are involved in Windows Remote Administrations.

One feature of Remote Desktop is that it is very much featurific. I have myself used a lot of Remote Administration tools but Remote Desktop is the best. It has so many features and utilities that you cannot even imagine using any tool other than this.

A feature of Remote Desktop that can be used to Copy or Move files or folders across computers is hidden in the stream of features that this tool provides. This is because of virus attacks. Whenever we are accessing the hard disk of our own computer through a Remote Desktop Connection we are actually exposing our hard disk to that computer, which can lead to Virus Attacks. But in Remote Desktop you don’t have any other way to transfer files between one computer to another, you will have to enable disk sharing.

To enable this feature you will need to follow the procedure below:

1. Go to Start Menu – Accessories – Click Remote Desktop Connection

2. In the remote desktop connection window – Type the IP of remote computer – and then Click Options button

3. Now go to the Local Resources tab and check “Disk Drives” option in the Local devices section – Click Connect

Now you will find your own drives in the My Computer Window of the remote computer as network drives. In order to copy or move files between the remote and local computer just copy those files from remote hard disk partition to local hard disk partition and vice versa.

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