Whether it is windows xp or windows 7 or vista, the logon screen of windows is never the same. I have seen a strategy of Microsoft to change logon screen colors, layout or behaviour with every new release of Windows Operating System. This is a good tactic by Microsoft to get the users engaged to learn the know how of every OS by Microsoft. But if the company has done so much for its customers, then why not create a small custom logon screen designer for users to modify the logon screen themselves. Why a person should shell out money to other software companies to modify something that was manufactured by a big software giant?

Creating a custom logon screen for windows becomes easy with LogonStudio. With LogonStudio you can create your own logon themes for windows XP/Vista/7 for free.

This is a free utility that allows you to either create new logon themes or apply the available themes in the software package. Applying the available themes is better and easy rather than creating new themes. You can also download more customized themes here.

Logon Studio the utility is developed by stardock.com and is absolutely free to use. As with most of the software from stardock, this tool is also very easy to install and manage.

After creating your own themes you can also upload them for the community at www.wincustomize.com

There are thousands of free as well as paid tools to modify the existing login screen or to create new login screens for windows but I doubt their reliability when comparing to software developed by startdock. Stardock is itself a big and known software development company and has many good reviews with it.

(Image Courtesy: startdock.com)

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