In the last tutorial, we discussed about how to set dirty bit. In this tutorial we will discuss on how to remove dirty bit from a hard disk partition in windows.

First of all let us discuss what exactly is a dirty bit – A Dirty bit is a bad sector on your hard disk drive. This bad sector can never recover. You might think that by running some disc scanning utilities, you might have removed the dirty bit but the answer is that you have not repaired it instead you tell your operating system to never access that sector for storage.

To Remove a Bad Sector from your windows hard drive partition, you have 2 known methods. In this tutorial we will discuss both the methods. What ever method you use, eventually you are using the utility chkdsk only. CHSDSK is the only utility in all versions of windows through which you can remove hard disk bad sectors. CHKDSK can be run via 2 methods Graphical and Command Line.

To run the graphical method you will need to go to your hard disk partition properties and then run Disk Scanning.

run chkdsk guiTo run the Command Line method you will need to run the following command in the windows command prompt.

run chkdsk cui

Here is a detailed tutorial on How to run CHKDSK

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