Before I start with this software, I would like to bring to your focus – what are desktop notes and what are their uses. First of all, Microsoft Windows does not have any inbuilt utility like this, so if you are searching for some Microsoft related products for this sort of niche then you are wrong. Desktop notes are something that are used by a person to remember something.

For example:- You are a office receptionist, your duty is to maintain a lot of contacts and transfer the calls to the concerned department. Obviously as per your job you will need to maintain a lot of notes to remember the schedule. One way is to note them down on a NotePad and another way is to write it in computer. IF you want to write those notes in a PC, it is ofcourse that you will use a word editor for that, but what if you can straight away note them down directly on your desktop.

Do you want to know how to write desktop notes or sticky notes in windows XP then you should download sticky notes software that allows you to write down notes on the desktop of your windows XP computer.

This is a free and easy to use software. It can be installed on Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 operating systems.

The font and the color of the desktop notes can be changed according to the requirement.  You can also add hyperlinks to notes. There are tonnes of other features that are added in this software like adding title bar to notes, opening notes with a single mouse click, creating strike through, inserting date and time and more.

You can also add reminders to the notes, which will ring an alarm at the scheduled time. This is a very handy software and your search for a utility that will allow you to write desktop notes completely hassle free ends with it.

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