Their are a lot of applications in windows that require the desktop screen to remain active. These applications either activate themselves or deactivate themselves when the desktop is sitting idle.

For example:- Screensaver, ScreenSaver is a feature of windows and other operating systems that automatically activates itself when your desktop screen has been left idle for a specific period of time. Some other applications like Remote Desktop or VPN automatically deactivates a connection when a long period of inactivity is detected.

Although most of these applications are configurable and their timeout settings can be configured according to your criteria. Like with screensaver we can configure the time limit after which a screen saver will be activated or in Remote Desktop and VPN we can also configure the limit till which the connection will be kept alive.

But sometimes we need more than that. Mouse Alive is a free tool that can be used to keep windows desktop screen alive by moving mouse from one place to another after a certain period of time. Suppose you don’t want to cut off your connection to a remote computer because of a period of inactivity of about 5 minutes. You can install Mouse alive and configure it to move the mouse pointer within 5 minutes. Now this tool will remember the duration through which your mouse pointer has not moved and will move it from one place to another¬† before 5 minutes, which will lead your connection to stay active even after 5 minutes of inactivity.

I have not tried and used this software till yet,  but found it really effective.

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